from what I can tell, design portfolios are supposed to begin with the word "Hi" in large typeface.

I'm Dustin and this is my site.

Above is a picture of me with my son William. That's how you know I'm a family man, and that's how you know I'm a good guy. Now that we got that mushy gush out of the way, let's talk turkey.

Experimental Reel

This is my experimental animation reel. It contains clips from my student work. Most of these cartoons can be viewed in full at my Newgrounds channel.

Commercial Reel

This is actually an infographic I created while at Cartasite. We never really found a place for it on the company website, but I really do find it to be a lovely video piece, so I thought I'd display it here. If you'd like to view more of my commercial work, please visit my Commercial Work Album on Vimeo.


Above is a cartoon I drew recently to accompany an article written by Peter McGraw and Caleb Warren to be published by PNAS. I wrote my thesis on Peter McGraw's work, and got in touch with him after graduation. This article can be viewed in full here.


If you've come across this site, and would like to get in contact with me, drop me a line! I'll be more than happy to get back in touch with you as soon as I see it.

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